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Eco Friendly Papers India Eco Friendly Papers India
Eco Friendly Papers India

Handmade Paper products include  specialty handmade paper, gift and favor boxes, notebooks journals an diaries, wedding specials, wedding favors, photo frames, photo albums, invitation cards, office stationery, gift boxes, gift sets, paper carry bags, shoppers and lots more.

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Handmade Paper and Specialty Papers :
Includes Floral papers, Embroidered paper, Tie and dye / Batik paper, Printed paperEmbossed paper, Cutwork paper, Metal embossing paper, Leaf imprint paper, Mottled paper, Plain colored papers, textured paper, agro based paper, banana paper, leather paper, moon rock paper, crinkled paper, coated paper, hand painted paper, hand printed paper glitter paper, corrugated paper, decoration paper, sand paper  and lots more.

                                     Gift and Favor Boxes :
Favor Boxes are the perfect boon for table and party favor, special promotions, delightful presents of cookies, candies or other little treats.

Notebooks, Journals and Diaries :
Journals, Notebooks, Diaries
, Art Books, Scrap Books, Pocket Notebooks, Pocket Diaries, Scribble Pads, Organizers are available in a very large variety of designs, colours, papers and thicknesses. The inside pages may be of plain white or flower petal papers.

                                          Wedding Specials :
Handmade Paper products add that very important charm to all the wedding special products including Wedding Favors, Invitation Cards, Thank you Cards, Placement Cards, Response Cards, Photo Frames, Photo Albums, Favor Boxes, Gift Items, Wrapping Sets, Matching Candles and so on.

Photo Frames and Photo Albums :
Handmade Paper Albums lend a beautiful charm to your most cherishable memories. The handmade paper photo frames add a lot of natural beauty to the photographs adding that special ethnic touch to the whole affair.

                    Invitation Cards and Envelopes :
Our range of Handmade Paper Cards include Wedding invitation Cards, Dry flower Cards, Embroidered Cards, Children Party Cards and other All Purpose Cards. There are a variety of designs to choose from and we also design and create cards according to the customer's choice.

Office Stationery :
Office Table sets are available in chic handmade paper. These have various kinds of assortments for office use.

             Stationery, Gift Boxes and Gift Sets :
Stationery Sets are Letter Envelope sets in a box packing with a writing pen or pencil. They also serve as all purpose gifts and are available in many designs.

Paper Carry Bags and Shoppers :
Handmade paper shopping bags, and gift bags, shoppers add to the pleasure of shopping. These ethnic bags come in a variety of papers and are available in many sizes. These are all recyclable paper and help in environmental sanitation.


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